Monday, April 16, 2007


see osama 's face. it has dead [eyes and ears] and alive [beard]words in it

There are 2 words in [outside] and you [inside]

You see a face which has eyes[huts], nose[girl] ,and so on


Teacher : raj u cannot sleep in my class.
Raj: I can if u lower ur voice and do not pass by.

A boy walks into the library , goes up to the librarian and says,
“I’ll have a big Mac, a large fry, and a diet coke”
Puzzled the librarian tells him,” I’m sorry, this is a library.”
So the boy says [whispering very softly],”oh, I’m so sorry ….I’ll have a big Mac, a large fry and a diet coke.”

Conductor: ’Did u get home all right last night?’
BOY: ‘certainly! Are u insinuating that I was drunk? I was perfectly sober. Did u not see me get up and give that old lady my seat?’
Conductor: ‘that’s why I wondered, for u 2 were the only passengers on the bus.’

A man got his 4th child .He fills data in the birth certificate.
Mother: Sikh. Father: Sikh. Kid: Chinese.
“How come u write “Chinese” when both parents are Sikhs?” nurse asks him.
“aah”, replies the man,”it says in the newspaper that every 4th person born is Chinese.”

A tired man, on his way back from office, he got late for the bus. He ran after the bus and reached home huffing and puffing. He told his wife that he had saved Rs.3 by running behind the bus. Instead of getting an acknowledgement he got a big slap from his wife.
The man was puzzled. He asked his wife the reason behind the slap. His wife replied,” if u ran behind the taxi u must have saved Rs.70 instead of Rs.3”

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Ab kisi ke liye hasti hoon,
To wohi roolata hai.
Aasma se dhoop ki guzarish karti hoon,
To wo garaz padta hai.
Taro ko dekhkar muskura leti hoon,
To we chand ko dekhkar muskurate hai.

Dukh ka gada jab bharjata hai,
To nam ho jati hai ankhe.
Na umang hai na tarang,
Na koi humsafar, na koi dost hai,
Meri zindagi akela hai,
Gumsum sa hai…

Rote hoye na has sakoo,
Bas rat ka sahara hai,
aasoo chupane ke liye.
par phir subah ata hai…
Mujmein aisi kya kharabi hai,
ki log mere raste pe akar hi mud jate hai..
Kyon dukh hamesha saath hi,
kyon pyar pana itna mushkil hai,
kya guna hai mera,
ki sabhi mujhe tukhra dete hai.


--Haritha singh

Saturday, April 14, 2007

At last I am left alone.

I was born as mortal - gift for my parents,
Was blithely nurtured with absolute care.
Sure was ‘me’ to withstand all frights,
Ascribable my possessed owns who gave my dreams the flight.

I strived to be the best in every aspect,
And faced all the threat.
Sacrificed love for the beloved,
Earned ally for satisfaction in life,
And benedictions worked...

Neither some context bestowed a privilege,
Nor truth I ever traced.
I don’t know why it happened so,
And never did I assayed to know.

People whom I enquired where are they departing,
They on contrary enquired where I am arriving...
No soul was plainspoken,
No one was true and gratified..

That killed me by heart stroke,
And all my feelings broke,
Even after so many good deeds,
I am left alone.

At home I had my relatives,
At way I had my wife,
At graveyard I had my son,
And at last I was left alone…

- Haritha singh

Friday, April 13, 2007

Indian girls lashed out..

Culture at heart we spring up.
With full innocence at time we ponder,
Bounded truly with our gravitas,
Are we goanna open up our secret stargaze,
Or are we flaccid to face the populace.

The whole puerility goes vain in just dreaming,
And the time comes showing its red light to innocence.
Life begins to favor the mature tears of broken heart,
And proudly enters the shadow of shame to corrode us.
Okay! Then too we strive to be better for our ain,
decided never to sacrifice at any arduous contexts –our aim

Again and again we are forced to decline,
just in the faux world of true love.
If no! we are affronted with nonsense,
And then also if we stand proud we are lashed out……..
And there comes the end of our dreams and all strives,
In the world of God's culture and respect!!!

- Haritha singh

Friday, April 6, 2007

** pictures**

see the above picture can see 'big fun' word on the mans face!

see here George Bush's face has a hidden message-- 'peace / war'

Na root..

Na root mere yaara,
Mera din dhal jayega.
Dil ka khushi toot jayega.
Rato ka chen ud jayega…
Na root mere yaar,
Mera geeto ka rasta ruk jayega,
Dhadkano ka sur choot jayega..
Kadam dagmaga jayenge..
He dost tera muskurana teek hai,
Masoom sa gussa teek hai,
Par tera rootna jaisa zahar peena hai.
Root na mera yaara
- H
arita singh

Monday, April 2, 2007


I know that those days were in company of yours,
And so was I raging towards happy go hours.

Night and day were blooming like flowers,
And were repleted with your friendly showers.
Dazzling was the sky for me,
Its all due to my pal- thee.
Love was the quality ultimate in u,
I can declare it without any clue.
We never compared our friendship to the heap of money,
The hope of mine and your care was true,
I didn’t require to prove.
Please comeback my pal,
I am waiting for you


Sunday, April 1, 2007


Na jane kyon dil akela ro raha hai,
akhe itne kwaisho ke bawjoot soona sa hai..
Aage badne ki chah hai par dar lagta hai,
kisi par bharosa karne ko ji kare to bharosa toot jata hai,
rango mmein khot nazar ata hai..kyon?
Sahara ki bhik karoo to daman bheeg jata hai,
rasto par kate na ho aisa sapno mein bhi na hai.
rat tamannao se guzar jaye,
to subah hote hi dukh hi dukh hai.
aj ki kalyug aisi hai to age jine ka koi iccha nahi hai..
na jane aisa jina kyon hai..
i think this poem is applicable for all those teenagers who are alone in this world...