Saturday, December 29, 2012


In the summer of sun,
we get the string unplugged.
in the college breaks and fun,
we made our hearts run.

Aint it true,
i say we are new.
Aint it true,
we can match the tune.

Like a breeze,
That makes me unwind.
You have been the pal,
who just cant be defined.

Time just passed,
moments sober.
Words were formed,
to memories forever...
u and me,
hope are for eachother.

Affection and care,
the flights and patch ups,
Believe me or not,
We have untangled all the knots.

Like a breeze,
that makes me unwind.
You have been the pal,
who just cant be defined.

-Haritha P. Singh

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Sunrise I see with hopes around,
I take chances again to fish love...
True, caring, adorable and bonded,
Turn to look at some hearts near...

Undoubtedly the past has fill in insecurity,
Apprehensions yet hid behind smiles...
Fetching a soul who stands apart,
Someone who can read the hidden...

When scars get branded,
That soul still pampers the shown...
Thousands of glitters flashing,
Yet locates the real shine for thee...

The emotions seems so kiddish,
But somehow safe in thee heart...

Secrets get revealed,
Past bruises healed,
Even the darkest of the night,
Feels so short and tame,
When that soul comes and cuddles me!!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


when the hurricane hampers,
'over n out'says the time ,
still and state through the sword walk.

when the tears freezes to exit,
knocked down are the immediate thoughts,
yet the chance seems open now.

when the sounds around deafen up,
a load inert wave buzz straight out,
making the anomaly occur .
-haritha singh

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Heart pretends to be sane,
a touch makes the time halt.
somebody seems intuding,
yet there's just pleasure and no pain.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Shades of the sketch does change,

To adapt with the intensity of light perhaps.

The shine ,the shadow

The sour, the sweet

The meek ,the geek

Have defined a line of situation, perhaps.

Fumed through untamed reverence,

Some have ‘pulled the plug’.

In a probability of intuition or inspiration,

Were prompted to move forward.

Dusky opines have showered confidence,

Making things different, perhaps.

Since, some conclusions were formed ,

Some have ‘pulled the plug’.

Yet the music sounds legato,

Yet the compulsions don’t pry.

Now past has calculated the do’s and don’ts,

Communicating the better, perhaps.

Making a come back in defiance,

Some have ‘pulled the plug’.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Making of my haven

Making of ma haven,
passing through the judispruidice of unnamed sorts..
gulping down the tamed and then being proven....

There was a path mapped,
in the depth untravelled of Mariana trench,
yet few waves didn't ever planned of being escaped....

The compass shall loose its direction,
a breath-taking dive or a room of cascade mirrors,
neither would i get varied -the stone perception...

A peg of strong beer,
or a delight of few appreciation,
didnt make me bow for the dream of running deer....

The eerie earthed aim pacified me more,
even when God's signals haven't pointed there,
the dart did stuck to the unseen hot core...

Somehow , i know i shall make ma haven,
passing through the judisprudice of unnamed sorts..
gulpind down the tamed and then being proven...


Friday, February 18, 2011

NO MORE......

There were few smiles that were reserved just for the one,

There seemed to be a depth unconditional,

Time shall fly but now I may say ‘no more’.

My destiny must have been to shine,

Underneath d suppressed dreams of innocence….

I must have continued to remain close to someone,

That someone with whom I spent the most stressed moments,

Those moments today has stopped its beats,

But still the time may fly and I may say ‘no more’…

There must be an answer to the queries unmet,

Why is that something sculpted by me?

I had to disown under yobbish acts….

Under the humour I share,

Dreams I dare to live,

Hopes I try to empower …

Are memories which yet shall make me numb…

Still the time shall fly and I may say ‘no more’


Saturday, January 15, 2011


i donno y when my heart lays in serenity,
there seems to be a portion of it in darkness .
y is it so tht wen i throw a sparkle n smile,
the past shadows those to evil intensity ....
. never did i hurt but got hurted deep ...
bt now the truth shall prevail in me ,
gleaming the depth of mine undoubtedly..
-Haritha Singh

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Quick heart break is it all?

I know its crude, for me-not meant…

Yet rolling tears I have held it on.

Audacious soul has all gone,

Are things sorted to aver it stone?

How long my feelings shall remain adjunct?

So, ruthless the world…so abject…

Now, shall I prove my truth?

Or shall I make some “for the sake” oath?

Just that I remained quite,

Unsaid words have all been shadowed..

Standing, waiting below the sun of hopes,

Trying to be patient, I have tanned.

Standing tall on the mountain of dreams,

Lying on the foundation of lie,

No time –it just has to be abandoned,

Or shall be there –the abaddon.

Pulling the strings of darkness,

The direction is augmented.

But yet the wound is deep,

And clearly in life has impact profound.

How long my feeling shall remain adjunct?

So ruthless the world …so abject…

Pale has been the colour of life,

Yet a smile I adorn.

Pulse has gone mild,

Yet trying to hire some tone.

“Move on” is the abject self-tagged,

so, were stands the chance of you being bragged?

Turn has pushed its steps towards me,

Alibi, I have defended truly for thee…

Lending my past to no other,

No interest back nor the share of world to bother…

It will make me think again,

How long my feelings shall remain adjunct?

So ruthless the world…so abject…


Friday, July 23, 2010


Throughout d maze I caught an envelope to live in,
Just gazing at d heavenly stars,
Wiling to be one for all,
Depth inherent to carelessly fall.

Now the work is done,
I waived a bye to them,
Adoring the time I spent,
Leaving vivid memories calmly intent.

Getting tuned to glow ‘the me’,
I moved towards one who can be my shoulder,
Might be with will or without,
The pledges being fulfilled.

Moonlight, sweet quotes,
And ever ready passion of love,
All paved through the crystal thoughts,
Caved, engraved and catalyzed for thee.

Enclosed crystal in unpredictable life,
Ignoring the dignified off-key,
Standing as sun on hills silent,
To penetrate the darkness forgiving its mistakes.

Feeling free to share light,
Then caressing it with shadow of mine.
Sudden pull and there wasn’t a labyrinth,
For me, for my bright interest.

Now that all as dimmed,
I was no one but the rest,
Tomorrow there’s no morning,
The source seems to be stolen.

Knots entangled with me,
Left strangled with unlived hopes.
Neither the magician’s magic nor the shine,
As a fire gobblers who remained the identity.

Fate, thoughts or vision,
Without the culprit being found,
Today the magician, sun and hopes,
Sit gazing just at the letter of rejection.