Saturday, May 24, 2008


लकीरे हमारी कहानी बताती है,
रंग हमारी खुशी जताती है,
आंसू हमारी दुख दिखाती है,
मेरी दोस्त हमारी
खुश- नासिभी कहलाती है।
- हरिथा सिंह

Friday, May 23, 2008

well, see the cat !!

(these are photos taken by me..)
see, the cats too have their thoughts...
let me make u human scared ...

" what has happened? the human isn't scared of me?
but mom thought that we are relatives of the 'wild cats'."

"I think that mom was bluffing...ok!! lets leave the battle.
thats the rule..lets take a nap!!!"


- Haritha singh

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I have lived up my life with you,
I met u along the sea,
In my house, in garden,
You have been piercing my heart,
Pushing those soft prayers of yours...
My eyes have always been seeing you,
Through my sensitiveness… I have felt you.
Frozen are my hands without yours in mine,
Overflowing are my thoughts with your presence.
I can’t believe a life without you,
You dear, you are my soul…
Continue to be ma soul,
Don’t pull it round to the heaven…
But I can’t believe few of those days I spent,
Where only with your spirit…!!
I am shocked, where have you lost!!
Are you pulled towards the heaven?
My angel you are departed from me...
But yes, I still see you in my heart,
my pulses and amity.

-harita singh