Thursday, June 26, 2008

A man's face made of animals

is it a man's face or a women reading a page

see carefully at first u will seea old mans face at the left corner

but it isnt..there are two women standing there

Friday, June 13, 2008

Let’s drench in the rain !!

“Here the rain comes and smile reached my eye,
The mud smells so sweet and my remembrance reached the sky.
Thunder and lightning pierced through my heart,
Now your sadness is all in my cart.”

“But I am scared of the lightning,
And the thunder haunts my soul.
My tears are rolling my cheek,
And you are solacing me….”

“The solace is in wind and my love,
You will feel it all through your throbs!!
Its time you share those tears of yours,
To the driblets pouring down...”

Don’t fear the world!!!!!!
Leave the binds and bounds,
Let’s step on the wet grounds…
Come on, let’s drench in the rain!!

Let’s drench in the rain,
Iam sure you will polish off all your pain.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

see the pics !!

see the pic.... which 2 animals do you see?
well, its swan ( left) and squirrel (right)

same as above....if observe from left you see a duck face

and from right you see a rabbit.

Are they two women talking to eachother or a devils face ?

Monday, June 2, 2008

After we moved apart…

After coming to him I felt,
I felt the change in the wind,
So pure and calm it swept.
It didn’t matter the time that drifted,
But splendid where the whispers of silence.
Wispy, the feeling were in the soul,
The mixed fear, love, confessions in all…
Those glances of him gave away soft smite,
Look’s so innocent and charming insight.
His care poured into ma heart mystifyingly,
Switching the smiles placidly.
Hours did pass along the way of care,
So the departure also had to occur.
Then came the tears in niche of heart,
And christened him ‘the special one’ for me.
Never the sadness spoke out from me,
Thinking the pain of mine, he will sense.
While expressing adieu,
Sorrow surfaced his eyes for me, I know…
After we moved apart,
Desire arrived of meeting again.
After we moved apart,
Crave arrived for true care…