Sunday, July 20, 2008

when will i shine?

See I want to shine…
I had to say the world the opinion hidden in me,
I had to hid the memory that hurted me,
I had to hurt the person who restricted me,
I had to restrict my dreams for the ain who had dreamt for me.
The reason behind is still running round remaining unknown,
The past somehow connects with present turning all in vein.
Fire in heart succumbed its passion,
Hands left behind its action,
What’s the reason for the tears of mine?
Why couldn’t I shine?

I still feel the breeze of fame,
The wave of upcoming dreams,
I want to hear…see there’s her name,
Confidence should move through my heart streams...
So much of the truth I faced,
Then too the imagination never confessed.
The moon I see right from my house,
Pulls my soul towards it…
Towards it a feel of possession reaches out…
But back comes the pull of negation.
Oh god!! Please let me know,
When will I shine…?
When will I meet my moon?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

the moon seen from ma house

see this is the moon i speak to every night