Saturday, September 20, 2008


When I stood one day for the prayer,
Stranger fleeting behind me, I sensed.
A calm wind whisked by my heart,
Felt as if a known went apart.

On my birthday, a gift I received,
From a far relative of mine, after long time of depart.
On the greeting card was written those words,
I still remember…”for the cute sis and bro”.
I was dismayed to read those,
And a thought provoked in the course.

In the Elysian time by almighty,
Were the meeting with the unknown occurred…
Amazingly, he looked same as me,
A cute smile, chubby cheeks and those silky hair ,
Only one thing different was the glittery cover.
I tried to communicate to him,
Tried to feel his heartbeat and blood…
But I just blinked by eyes and he vanished.

He peeped so caringly,
Felt my sadness more intensely…I knew.
He sung songs of my feelings and emotions,
Then I realized that he is my own ,without any notions.

A matured question stroked my mind,
I asked my mother –kind.
She explained me the connection of the soul and me,
He was no one but my dead twin brother.

Tears of mine fell on his heart,
He stood aside me for hours.
He never held me or hugged me ,
But still he shared a bound apart.
Ya, he is a vivid known,
World doesn’t know that he is my own- my twin soul