Friday, July 23, 2010


Throughout d maze I caught an envelope to live in,
Just gazing at d heavenly stars,
Wiling to be one for all,
Depth inherent to carelessly fall.

Now the work is done,
I waived a bye to them,
Adoring the time I spent,
Leaving vivid memories calmly intent.

Getting tuned to glow ‘the me’,
I moved towards one who can be my shoulder,
Might be with will or without,
The pledges being fulfilled.

Moonlight, sweet quotes,
And ever ready passion of love,
All paved through the crystal thoughts,
Caved, engraved and catalyzed for thee.

Enclosed crystal in unpredictable life,
Ignoring the dignified off-key,
Standing as sun on hills silent,
To penetrate the darkness forgiving its mistakes.

Feeling free to share light,
Then caressing it with shadow of mine.
Sudden pull and there wasn’t a labyrinth,
For me, for my bright interest.

Now that all as dimmed,
I was no one but the rest,
Tomorrow there’s no morning,
The source seems to be stolen.

Knots entangled with me,
Left strangled with unlived hopes.
Neither the magician’s magic nor the shine,
As a fire gobblers who remained the identity.

Fate, thoughts or vision,
Without the culprit being found,
Today the magician, sun and hopes,
Sit gazing just at the letter of rejection.