Friday, February 18, 2011

NO MORE......

There were few smiles that were reserved just for the one,

There seemed to be a depth unconditional,

Time shall fly but now I may say ‘no more’.

My destiny must have been to shine,

Underneath d suppressed dreams of innocence….

I must have continued to remain close to someone,

That someone with whom I spent the most stressed moments,

Those moments today has stopped its beats,

But still the time may fly and I may say ‘no more’…

There must be an answer to the queries unmet,

Why is that something sculpted by me?

I had to disown under yobbish acts….

Under the humour I share,

Dreams I dare to live,

Hopes I try to empower …

Are memories which yet shall make me numb…

Still the time shall fly and I may say ‘no more’