Saturday, March 5, 2011

Making of my haven

Making of ma haven,
passing through the judispruidice of unnamed sorts..
gulping down the tamed and then being proven....

There was a path mapped,
in the depth untravelled of Mariana trench,
yet few waves didn't ever planned of being escaped....

The compass shall loose its direction,
a breath-taking dive or a room of cascade mirrors,
neither would i get varied -the stone perception...

A peg of strong beer,
or a delight of few appreciation,
didnt make me bow for the dream of running deer....

The eerie earthed aim pacified me more,
even when God's signals haven't pointed there,
the dart did stuck to the unseen hot core...

Somehow , i know i shall make ma haven,
passing through the judisprudice of unnamed sorts..
gulpind down the tamed and then being proven...