Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Quick heart break is it all?

I know its crude, for me-not meant…

Yet rolling tears I have held it on.

Audacious soul has all gone,

Are things sorted to aver it stone?

How long my feelings shall remain adjunct?

So, ruthless the world…so abject…

Now, shall I prove my truth?

Or shall I make some “for the sake” oath?

Just that I remained quite,

Unsaid words have all been shadowed..

Standing, waiting below the sun of hopes,

Trying to be patient, I have tanned.

Standing tall on the mountain of dreams,

Lying on the foundation of lie,

No time –it just has to be abandoned,

Or shall be there –the abaddon.

Pulling the strings of darkness,

The direction is augmented.

But yet the wound is deep,

And clearly in life has impact profound.

How long my feeling shall remain adjunct?

So ruthless the world …so abject…

Pale has been the colour of life,

Yet a smile I adorn.

Pulse has gone mild,

Yet trying to hire some tone.

“Move on” is the abject self-tagged,

so, were stands the chance of you being bragged?

Turn has pushed its steps towards me,

Alibi, I have defended truly for thee…

Lending my past to no other,

No interest back nor the share of world to bother…

It will make me think again,

How long my feelings shall remain adjunct?

So ruthless the world…so abject…